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Introducing Access Senior Housing

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It’s certainly been a busy two years for Haris & Company. Now, after a lot of hard work, we are pleased to announce the Access Senior Housing website.

Access Senior Housing (Access) is not your typical senior housing marketing platform. Filling a much needed niche, Access puts you in front of industry decision makers through an efficient system that maximizes profit while maintaining confidentiality. Enter new transactions and experience the tremendous benefits provided by Access, such as immediate contact with top principals and operators throughout the nation, current and confidential market information and controlled bidding.

The Story

Access Senior Housing is founded on the transaction experiences of senior housing principals and professionals like yourself. Offering unimpeded negotiations with direct principal to principal deal making communication, Access is the culmination of years of assessing financial climates, investment opportunities and finally, deal making, by those in the know, all distilled into a usable and convenient tool.

What does this mean for existing Haris & Company Clients and Customers?

We will continue to provide our excellent Senior Housing brokerage services, but now our clients and customers can choose to have direct principal to principal deal making communications. As you will see, the tools on the Access platform are user friendly and will save you the time and money often spent on expensive marketing campaigns.

Best Regards,

Lee Haris


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