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CCRC 2018 Q4 CAP Rate Insights by Haris and Company

Category: CCRC | Posted: August 1, 2014

Learn about ‘Coninuning Care Retirement Community’ capitalization rates (CAP-Rates) and valuations from the perspective of Haris & Company. Contact us to gain an insider’s look into historic and current valuation trends, so you can value your own community’s worth. Discover what it takes to complete deals.


Haris 2018 Market Perspective

Cap rates, between IL, AL, ALZ, CCRC, are very similar.

Very limited transaction volume, except in Nursing Home market.

Public companies on massive search to purchase 10+year communities.

Occupancies moving up in areas were residential property values have not dropped more than 15%.

Limited new construction on horizon.

Get your questions answered by Haris & Company, one of seniors housing and care industry’s most active investment real estate brokers:

Which operators are completing Senior Housing deals?

What does it take to get a deal done?

What are the market CAP Rates, cost per bed/unit and sq. ft for Senior Housing?

What are the deal terms?

What financing opportunities are available?

What are the sellers and buyer’s perspectives and how far apart are they in price?

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